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What is AIMS


Provides strategic Manufacturing Management based in Bangkok Thailand. What is AIMS all about? AIMS is about creating value propositions for everyone concerned. We achieve this for our customers by a value-add environment. Being a niche company and providing unique services we continuously stretch our team’s capabilities. Our Team has cumulative of 100’s of years’ experience in SE Asia managing and providing manufacturing solutions in SE Asia. Our business model creates value to entry in the Asean Space at very low cost. Having our team here Boot’s on the ground eliminates the need for expense travel and overseas expenses. We can  arrange and assist in Material Management, Quality Management and Engineering Management. This strategy allows customers to focus more time on their core business of developing new successful products in this rapidly dynamic global environment. Although we have operational capability into the entire Asean Market and supply chain. Our team specializes in Product and Technology Transfer Management.


AIMS mission is to provide the highest quality value added consulting service at the most competitive price by offering unique and strategic global sourcing solutions and factory set up advice.


AIMS is a Global Leader in consulting for all area’s of overall manufacturing and supply chain management, offering unmatched creativity, innovation, quality and excellence

flexibility and innovation

We think outside of the box to innovate new solutions and strategies for any problem a customer may encounter in the development of their products.


AIMS we believe in manufacturing excellence – from and consulting services to manufacturing lines we offer our customers. Excellent products and services start with a dedicated and motivated team. In recognition of this, AIMS has found the following goals to be the core of our business:

exceptional customer service

We always offer exceptional and engaging customer service on-time, every time.

unbeatable value

We strive to deliver the highest quality services at the most cost-competitive price, giving our customers an unbeatable value.

continuous improvement

We challenge ourselves and our suppliers to continuously improve upon best-in-class manufacturing services and practices through training.


We believe offering our employees an environment where they can learn, grow, and develop fine-tuned skills translates into a valuable tool for success for all our customers, suppliers, and investors

Operate In

Asian areas we Operate In


In recent years, more and more international companies and independent traders are considering opening a branch or …


While our major focus is Thailand as a base and recommend anyone setting up a new business in Asia to come to Thailand …


Although we do not recommend setting up manufacturing in Singapore dependent on the scale of one’s business and …

Operate In

The AIMS Team

Sr. Level Engineering and Operations Executive Industry expert with more than 35-years of experience in manufacturing and operational management. Thorough knowledge of engineering and manufacturing concepts, theories and processes. Analytical thinker and innovative leader that offers unique and effective solutions for any challenge. Management style that provides mentorship, motivation, conflict-resolution and a real “team spirit”.


International businessman who understands the importance of culture, building and maintaining relationships, and growing business through new global partnerships. 35-years of Manufacturing, Operational and Sourcing Management experience; 30-years of Customer Service and Relationship Management experience; 25-years of International Business and HDD experience having worked for Seagate and in the WD supply chain for 20 years; 12-years of Business Ownership; and 12 years of Content Solutions Supplier Management experience.


Martin Eleveld


Mr. Ramakishnam armed with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from a reputable North American university and having over 30 years of Component Manufacturing experience in Metal components, Machining, Extrusion, Diecasting and Injection molding combined with a strong quality background.


Rama can spot a good supplier within minutes. Rama’s hands-on knowledge of the core manufacturing processes makes him invaluable at identifying suppliers with good matching technologies and he is able to determine root causes when problems may occur.


Rama Ramakishnam

Mechanical Component Manufacturing

Mr. Jengpiya has 20 years of manufacturing experience in the contract manufacturing industry in Thailand. Working on complex projects and electro-mechanical assemblies. Working in the telecommunication, automotive, medical, and data storage industries. Expert in Out Bound Customs requirements and logistic services.

David Jengapiya

Sr. Program Executive

Peter has thirty years of teaching, tutoring, and senior management level experience in manufacturing highly technical products in high volumes. Among Peter’s strengths are his technical team building and mentoring skills, strong engineering and software background, production line tooling and optimization, instrumentation, and statistical methods of process control for continuous yield improvement.


Peter holds a B.S. in Computer Science, and B.E. in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York at Stonybrook. He is a Federal Aviation Administration licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. Peter is originally from NYC, USA, he has lived in SE
Asia for over twenty years, and he is a Khmer national by Royal Decree.


Peter Guagliano

Electrical Engineering

AIMS' Recommended Law Firm KSS Legal

Kamthorn Surachet & Somsak was established in 1984. The firm developed from its predecessor, Vertley & Kamthorn, serving international clients in Thailand. In early 1990, the firm’s ownership passed to all Thai partners who proudly manage the firm and the firm’s name was changed to Kamthorn Surachet & Somsak, following the retirement of Mr. James Vertley and the inclusion of new partners.

The firm originally made its name as a specialist in small to medium-sized corporate and entrepreneurial companies, in corporate practice, investment, finance and banking, taxation, real estate, immigration, labor, intellectual property and commercial legal matters. The firm’s litigation practice is also a major area of expertise. This includes commercial disputes, commercial crimes, commercial and contractual claims, arbitration, tax controversies prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights. However, their highly specialized and personalized services with sophisticated professional personnel has currently drawn a substantial number of large-sized corporations to their services.

The firm’s clients include multinational corporations international NGOs, manufacturers, service providers, airlines, governments, advertising agencies, real estate developers, private power producers, international software developers, caterers, hoteliers, production houses, etc.

The firm enjoys the following memberships: Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), Asean Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA) and International Chamber of Commerce Thailand (ICC Thailand). The firm has many partners and attorneys however our primary legal providers are,

Ekapat Anugkakul
A Thai national, graduated from Thammasat University. Ekapat received his LL.B in 2009. He specializes in corporate, foreign business, investment promotion and non-profit organization laws. He has set up regional offices of international non-profit organizations in Thailand from scratch and assisted them in all kinds of registrations and reporting. He also advises and assists the clients in regard to foreign investment and businesses in Thailand, employment related matters, corporate registrations, corporate restructuring, sale of business, business transfer, etc.

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